P@L: Connect, Involve, Inform, Include

We connect the Lawrenceville community and involve parents in their children's educational journey by informing and including them in opportunities to participate in the Lawrenceville experience.
There are many opportunities for parents to support school faculty and staff in providing a rich and varied education experience for Lawrenceville students.

Parents at Lawrenceville (P@L) provides an exciting array of volunteer committees to help make the School community an extended family for Lawrentians. It’s a great way to become involved and stay informed about the remarkable things that are happening in and around the School. To find out more about specific committees, click on the above volunteer committees link.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Parents organization is comprised of a number of Parent Committees. Participating in one or more of these committees is a great way to become involved and to stay informed about the exciting things that are happening around the School.

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  • Admission

    Greets and welcomes prospective students and their families in the Admission Office. Volunteers are contacted to schedule a convenient date.
  • Athletic Committee

    Provides support systems for coaches and students on inter-scholastic teams, and team parents for each team to organize volunteers to provide refreshments for games and end-of-the-season celebrations.
  • Common Ground

    Members are active in Common Ground, a consortium of independent local schools which sponsors nationally known speakers on parenting and educational issues. Also helps plan parent information meetings and new ideas for parent communications.
  • Community Service

    Assists with the School’s community service programs. Parents help out in a variety of ways on one-time and on-going service projects. A highlight of parental involvement is the Servathon, offered a few times a year, which bring Lawrenceville families together to perform community service projects.
  • House Parents

    Support the House Master and House Community in all areas of residential concerns and matters related to boarding life.
  • Multicultural

    Supports events and activities planned through the Office of Multicultural Affairs and promotes cultural awareness activities reflecting the diverse cultures at the school.
  • Parent Partners

    Partners every new family entering Lawrenceville with an existing Lawrenceville family to welcome them to the community and serve as a contact and resource for questions that arise before and thorough out their first year at the School.
  • Support for International Students

    Families living in the U.S. often host Lawrenceville international students. This is a most rewarding committee and is designed to support to students far from home.
  • Sustainability

    Supports programs, events, and activities planned by the Office of Sustainability that promote the integration of environmental protection and social well-being on campus and beyond, including raising awareness of The Lawrenceville School Big Red Farm.
  • Support for the Arts

    This committee is designed to provide support for all students and faculty of the visual and performing arts at Lawrenceville, including theater, fine arts, instrumental, dance and vocal music. Parents provide refreshments at practices, help with costumes, take orders for CDs, and serve as docents for art shows.
  • The Parents Fund

    The Lawrenceville Parents Fund Committee is a group of parent volunteers working together to raise funds for Lawrenceville's annual giving campaign.  The Lawrenceville Parents Fund supports nearly every aspect of a Lawrenceville education and enriches the intellectual, social, and personal development of every student, every day.  The School’s standard of excellence in education is directly attributable to the collective effort of alumni, parents, and friends who contribute every year.

Student Services

Ground transportation to airports is offered three times during the school year: after first term (Thanksgiving Break), prior to Winter Break, and after second term (Spring Break). Vans depart from the Edith Memorial Chapel. A fee of $25 is donated to the School Camp. As transportation dates approach an announcement is e-mailed to all students and parents.

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  • Insurance

    The School cannot take responsibility for items lost or stolen from students' rooms or lockers. The School's insurance policy does not cover students' possessions while they are at School. Many homeowners' policies do cover such possessions against theft or loss. The School recommends that parents check their policy to be sure they have riders that provide the appropriate coverage.
  • Laundry

    Each House is equipped with coin-operated washing machines and dryers. In addition, students may send their personal clothing to an outside commercial laundry, the All Prep Laundry Company. Families contract directly with this company. This service is independent of The Lawrenceville School.
  • Lost and Found

    Students can drop off found items and check for lost items in the Dean of Students Office in the Mackenzie Administration Building. There is also a lost-and-found in the Lavino Field House for athletic equipment. The Houseletter also posts a daily lost-and-found list.
  • Personal Development

    Second and Third Form students are required to take a personal development seminar. The 10-12 week seminar addresses adolescent issues such as time management, nutrition, self-esteem, relationships, drug and alcohol use, and human sexuality. The approach is designed to promote communication skills, values clarification, and effective decision-making skills. The adult-led seminar provides for peer discussion and an opportunity to explore development tasks and challenges that affect their lives.

    Fourth and Fifth Form students will participate in periodic discussion groups led by House teams and outside speakers. Topics will include residential/community life, transition to college life, separation and loss, and human sexuality issues. These sessions will be conducted during the School day through the Dean of Students office.
  • Storage

    Personal items, boxes, and furniture may not be stored on campus during the summer. Families should utilize a storage option that best suits their needs. One local option is Bohren’s Moving and Storage.

    Students on financial aid interested in using Bohren’s Moving and Storage should contact the Dean of Students as they may qualify for a discount.

Contact Information

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  • Photo of Carrie Dyckman P'17 '20

    Carrie Dyckman P'17 '20 

    Parents at Lawrenceville Co-President
  • Photo of Nancy King P'20 '22

    Nancy King P'20 '22 

    Parents at Lawrenceville Co-President
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