Opportunities for Post Graduate Students

The Lawrenceville School offers a postgraduate (PG) year to recently graduated high school students as a transitional year between high school and college. This year as a boarding member of the Lawrenceville community is an excellent opportunity for students to continue their social and academic development while refining their study and time management skills. 

Lawrenceville provides a demanding, yet supportive program that offers a variety of academic opportunities extending well beyond those of a typical high school. As a Lawrenceville PG, students prepare for the independence and academic demands associated with a college or university. Also, there are opportunities to retake standardized tests, such as the SAT or ACT, if improving standardized test scores is a goal for the year.

For those interested in continuing their athletic careers in college, the PG year is an excellent opportunity to develop the skills necessary to balance the academic and athletic demands of being a college student-athlete, while growing mentally and physically as a competitor. Many of our PGs with athletic interests develop into student-athletes at Division I, Ivy, and NESCAC schools.

College admission officers recognize the benefits of a year at Lawrenceville. They acknowledge that it can ultimately make our PG students more independent learners and stronger candidates for admission, which in turn leads to more success on their respective campuses. During their time at Lawrenceville, each PG is assigned a college counselor who will aid in navigating the college admissions process.

If a PG year seems like an academic opportunity that you would like to explore, please fill out an inquiryAlso, if you are a student-athlete, be sure to fill out our athletic inquiry, which will send your information directly to our coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the post graduate (PG) year?

    A postgraduate year is a year beyond high school graduation, spent at an independent school, which serves as a transition between high school and college. Our program is thoughtfully designed, and supported by dedicated advisors and deans to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Why do some people choose to do an extra year after high school?

    The reasons for an additional year vary per student. Some students feel that an extra year away from home will allow them to mature socially, improve academic preparedness, study skills, and time management. For some, another year can also strengthen athletic ability to pursue a sport in college. Other students go through the college application process and realize that an additional year could strengthen their candidacies by allowing them to demonstrate academic growth and improved test scores. Many postgraduates who enroll at Lawrenceville have graduated from their local public school, so the residential aspect of a large boarding school like Lawrenceville provides an appealing alternative to immediate enrollment in college.
  • How does the PG year affect my application to colleges?

    A postgraduate year does not affect a student's candidacy for college in isolation, although college admission offices do recognize that a student who elects a postgraduate year is making a deliberate decision to improve their skills before entering college. College admission officers hope that a successful postgraduate year means a student arrives on their doorstep more mature, more ready to handle advanced academic work and with a seriousness of purpose.
  • When does the college application process start for a PG?

    The college application process for postgraduates starts after you are enrolled at Lawrenceville. The College Counseling Office works to ensure that postgraduates are fully integrated into our process.
  • How do the grades I receive as a PG affect my core GPA?

    A postgraduate student's grade point average is primarily determined by their previous high school experience. As you might expect, four years of coursework will strongly outweigh the one trimester of grades from Lawrenceville that colleges will see when applications are due. Colleges will look at the two transcripts as different entities, not as one distilled GPA, and evaluate accordingly, with a renewed eye on “who” the student is in a rigorous, college preparatory environment such as Lawrenceville.
  • Will colleges recognize my new standardized testing results after I become a PG?

    Absolutely. Also if there's time, potential postgraduate students should take standardized tests at the end of their senior year, as their overall academic focus and familiarity for testing will be sharpest. If enrolling postgraduates have questions about standardized testing or test preparation, they should call the College Counseling Office.
  • Can an extra year help me get recruited as an athlete?

    It is possible that an extra year at Lawrenceville will get you the exposure necessary to be recruited as a collegiate athlete. Our “matriculation” list displays the colleges and universities postgraduates have attended for the past three years after their year at Lawrenceville.
  • How many PG students does Lawrenceville enroll each year?

    Lawrenceville enrolls approximately 12 to 15 postgraduate students each year.
  • What are the age limits for a PG?

    Postgraduates cannot turn 19 before September 1st, to be eligible for interscholastic athletic competition.
  • Are there restrictions on the number of PGs that play on a team each year? 

    Lawrenceville competes in the Mid-Atlantic Prep School League [MAPL], which limits football to four postgraduates and boys’ and girls’ basketball to two. There are no other team restrictions.
  • What colleges have previous PG students matriculated to?

    College Matriculation of Lawrenceville Post Graduate Students, 2014 - 2016
    Amherst College - 1
    Brown University - 1
    Bucknell University - 1
    Colby College - 1
    College of William and Mary - 1
    Columbia University - 1
    Dartmouth College - 1
    Endicott College - 1
    Franklin and Marshall College - 2
    High Point University - 1
    Hobart and William Smith Colleges - 2
    Johns Hopkins University - 1
    Lafayette College - 1
    Loyola University Maryland - 2
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 1
    Northern Michigan University - 1
    Princeton University - 1
    Saint Francis University - 1
    Southern Methodist University - 1
    Trinity College - 1
    United States Merchant Marine Academy - 1
    University of Connecticut - 2
    University of London - 1
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst - 1
    University of Michigan - 1
    University of Pennsylvania (College of Arts and Sciences) - 2
    University of Vermont - 1
    Villanova University - 1
    Wilfrid Laurier University - 1
    Williams College - 1
    Witworth University - 1
    Yale University - 1
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