Jeffrey Durso-Finley P'13 '14 '19 

Jeff Durso-Finley, along with colleague Holly Burks Becker, serves as Lawrenceville’s Co-Director of College Counseling. Together, they are responsible for strategic planning and program development for Lawrenceville’s college counseling curriculum. They also serve on the School’s Senior Staff for daily operations and long-term strategic directions, manage College Counseling office personnel, and oversee the departmental budget. Durso-Finley and Burks Becker work together to educate appropriate constituencies on all matters relating to college admission and college counseling, as well as secondary school influences on both admission and counseling

As a College Counselor, Durso-Finley educates Lawrenceville juniors and seniors on the college admission and application process, developing professional expertise on topics including:
  • Admission Plans and Post-Secondary Policy
  • Financial Aid: Need and Merit Based
  • Transfer Admission Policy
  • Athletic Recruiting
  • Standardized Testing
  • Specialized Scholarship Programs
  • Application Writing (Essays, supplements, etc.)
  • International University Admission
  • Art, Music, and Drama Portfolio Support
  • Specialized Application Programs
As a Lawrenceville faculty member, Durso-Finley serves as a member of a residential life team for matters relating to academic advising, course scheduling, student support, and House Supervision. His athletic responsibilities include coaching football and acting as Co-Director (with Burks-Becker) of Lawrenceville’s annual Big Red Race (a fundraiser for the School’s Camp).

Durso-Finley holds a B.A. (English and Education) from Dartmouth College, an MAT (Education: Secondary School English) from Brown University, an M.Ed. (Secondary School Administration) from Providence College, and an Ed.D. (High Education Administration) from Liberty University.

He is the co-author of two books: “Understanding Athletic Recruiting” [UMI (1st Ed, 2006); 2nd Ed. 2014), w/Lewis Stival, Blair Academy] and “Secrets to Picking a College” [Jossey-Bass. (Pub Date 9/1/2015); w/ Jeremy Hyman & Lynn Jacobs, U. Arkansas]. Durso-Finley has presented at conferences around the country on topics including: Application and essay construction, student stress and adolescent psychology, generational sociology, national financial aid policy, athletic recruiting in the 21st century, and others

Both Durso-Finley and Burks Becker are members of the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (of which Lawrenceville was a founding school). He is also a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling, the New Jersey Association for College Admission Counseling, Association of Boarding Schools, the National Association of Independent Schools. and the New Jersey Association of Boarding Schools.

Before coming to Lawrenceville in 2001, Durso-Finley was the Senior Associate Director of Admission-Athletic Liaison at Brown University. His duties included applicant recruitment, as well as reading, evaluating, and analysing university applicants. He served as the Admission Committee Chair for application decisions, Office Travel Coordinator, and as Coordinator of the University’s Admission-Athletic Committee.
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