Jennifer Szwalek

Jennifer Szwalek joined The Lawrenceville School as the Director of Communications in July 2006 and in 2013 became the Director of Communications and Public Affairs.
Under her direction, the Communications Department manages internal and external communications through the development and dissemination of content locally, nationally, and globally. Use of various resources such as public relations, marketing communications, social media, web, print, and more, support the execution of institutional strategic priorities and initiatives.
While at Lawrenceville, Szwalek has served in a number of roles such as Chair of the Public Purpose Committee, the Crisis Management Team, the Inclement Weather Team, the Safety & Security Committee, the Board of Trustees Ad Hoc Marketing and Communications Committee, and as a member of the Conduct Review Committee, and the Strategic Planning Committee for “Lawrenceville 20/20.”
In addition to her work at Lawrenceville, Szwalek serves on the Board of Trustees of both the Lawrence Township Education Foundation and Grey Nun Academy and is a member of the
North American Boarding Initiative (NABI) Marketing/Communication/Events Advisory Committee.
Szwalek holds a B.A. from the University of Hartford and a Master of Arts degree in Public Relations from Rowan University. She holds a certification in social media and is also a member of the Public Relations Society of America.

Contact Information


Office Phone

(609) 895-2033


(609) 620-6515


Father’s Building (“Pop Hall”)

Assistant to the Director of Communications

Dayna Bevilacqua Relstab
(609) 620-6792
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