Bruce Kraut '75

Appointed in 2014 as Lawrenceville’s Medical Director, Dr. Kraut came to Lawrenceville from Ocala, Florida, where he was Director of Pediatric Associates of Ocala and Chief of Pediatrics at Munroe Regional Medical Center.

A graduate of Amherst College and a member of Lawrenceville’s Class of 1975, Dr. Kraut earned a Ph.D. in Classics from Princeton University and his M.D. from Emory University.  He completed his residency training in Pediatrics at the University of New Mexico. He is Board Certified in Pediatrics, a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and a member of the Adolescent Committee of the New Jersey Chapter of the AAP.

Prior to entering medical school, Dr. Kraut served as Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Georgia and during his years in private practice continued teaching as an Adjunct Professor of Classics at the University of Florida, where he was selected for the Distinguished Adjunct Professor Award in 2000.

His special area of interest is in Ancient Medicine and Literature.
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