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Cary, NC


Head Tour Guide, Lower Prefect, Varsity Lacrosse


House Olympics

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  • Spring time, Splash time

    Spring at Lawrenceville is marked by many critically distinctive events - seniors determining where they will attend college, preparing for prom, underformers preparing to take SATs and ACTS — but most of those events are grade specific.
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  • The Truth About Day Students

    When I started at Lawrenceville as a Second Former in Davidson House, I was positive that I was going to build strong relationships with the other boarders. I pictured hanging out in rooms, watching games on weekends, eating together, etc.
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  • Summer at “Scamp”

    This summer, as a rising Fourth Former, I had the privilege of working as a School Camp (SCAMP) counselor. School Camp is a long-standing Lawrenceville tradition that provides a free sleepaway camp for inner city students from 10-13 years old.
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  • Six Circle Houses, One Lawrenceville

    When I describe the Lawrenceville House system to my friends from home, they invariably make a comment like, “Hey that’s just like ‘Harry Potter,’” and, generally, I refrain from replying that our House system existed before J.K. Rowling was born. 
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  • Making Memories: House Football

    Freshman soccer was an amazing experience. Coach (Brian) Daniell was great, our team successful, and being on that team really helped me to get to know a big group of the guys in Second Form.
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  • Summer Vacation: Service and Surfing

    In the past when I was asked, “What did you do on your summer vacation?” I never had a really enthusiastic answer. Partly because I never really had a say in what I did during the summer other than occasionally choosing to go to the pool.
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