Devin '21


New York, NY


In The Margins, Tour Guide, Dance, Community Service 

Favorite Class:

Honors U.S. History

Favorite Lawrenceville Tradition:


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  • New at the Bathhouse: Socialize and Study with Sushi

    Devin ‘21
    With Saturday night activities, Thursday sushi socials, and everyday fun, the Bath House Cafe has transformed from a snack spot favorite to a social hub on campus. While the name may seem off, The Bath House is one of the oldest buildings on campus.
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  • Spirit Week in the "VILLEage"

    Devin '21
    “Does anyone still have scrunchies?” I frantically texted to the Stanley House group chat at 7:30 a.m. while preparing to head out for my 8:00 a.m. U.S. History class.
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  • SPAIN 2019: More Than A Trip

    Devin '21
    Chicos, en español.” The words that will forever remain stuck in my head. This phrase served as a reminder that English was never allowed in the hallways nor classrooms of the quaint, one-level walkup suit of Spain School Year Abroad.
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