Ethan '21


Las Vegas, NV


Crew, Ice Hockey, Hutchins Scholar, Orchestra, The Lawrence, Tour Guide 

Favorite Class:

Inquiries in Chemical and Physical Sciences

Favorite Lawrenceville Tradition:

House Olympics

List of 3 news stories.

  • Sunday Brunch

    Ethan '21
    It is a quiet Sunday morning at Lawrenceville. I wake up, look over at my alarm clock, and see that it is 10:00 a.m. It is the one day in the week where I can sleep in and it feels nice! The Saturday night before had been a fun one both campus wide and inside the Kennedy House, with an amazingHouse Feed, lots of video game playing, a dance, and just general hanging out. All the fun things that also mean getting to bed pretty late.
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  • Junior Year - The Third 500

    Ethan Markel '21
    As study hall winds down, the Kennedy House is quiet for the night, with some traces of music and a commotion coming from down the hall. However, it is not Second Form fall where three classes are pass-fail, nor is it Third Form fall when the course load is still somewhat manageable. For the Fourth Former, there is still much work to be done.
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  • The Work of a Hutchins Scholar

    Ethan '21
    It’s eight pm on a Monday night, meaning that it is study hall… except that it was late June and most students and faculty are enjoying their time off, but Lawrenceville’s Hutchins scholars including myself were busy back on campus working.
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