Meet Grace '19


Chicago, IL


Head Peer Tutor, Tour Guide Council, Prose Editor of The Lit, Olla Podrida

Favorite Class:

Honors Biology

List of 7 news stories.

  • Fifth Form Farewell

    Grace '19
    The Olla Podrida office is buzzing with energy as we rush to finish all of the senior pages before next week’s deadline.
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  • Details Matter

    Grace '19
    It's still dark when wake up, but I can hear the bustle of people moving in the old house in the tiny village of Carrascosa, Spain. 
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  • Meet the Fellows

    It’s eight in the morning when I walk groggily into my math class with a warm cup of green tea from Irwin in my hand and see pictures of mashed potatoes projected on the Smartboard. 
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  • From the Garden State to the Pearl of the Antilles

    We landed in Holguín, Cuba at around two in the afternoon after beginning our day at 4:00 a.m. in New Jersey.
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  • Siblings on Campus

    What’s it like to go to boarding school with your brother? Before either of us attended Lawrenceville, my brother, George, once went away for a week-long lacrosse trip, and I didn’t notice he had left. “Close” would not be the word people used to describe us, but upon our arrival to Lawrenceville — me as a freshman, George as a sophomore — our relationship definitely changed.
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  • S’mores, Scamp, and Sisters: Kirby Traditions

    It was 10:25 p.m. on my first Saturday night on the Crescent. My friends and I were slowly walking back to Kirby from the dance at the Bathhouse for the mysterious “House bonding activity” that we were about to take part in at the Ropes Course.
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  • Changing Forms & Shapes: Moving from the Bowl to the Crescent

    Since our first real day on campus, spent watching the Circle and Crescent Houses compete in House Olympics, thoughts about which House will become part of our Lawrentian identity have been present in our Second Form minds. 
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