Meet Natalia '20


Cicero, IL


Advanced Dance, Creative Writing Club, Tour Guide, Princeton Ballet Student

Favorite Lawrenceville Tradition:

House Olympics

List of 7 news stories.

  • Losing Myself at SDC

    Natalia '20
    The stage is dark and I’m waiting behind a wing for the soft tones of singer Dean Lewis’ voice to fill the air. I breathe against the heavy black curtain and look towards the lights across the stage.
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  • First Encounter

    Natalia '20
    I’m immediately greeted by the sun as I walk up concrete stairs. I trade the New York City subway for brick buildings in the Bronx.
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  • The Truth about Study Hall

    The door clicks open and I’m greeted by warm smiles from my Housemates and a caring conversation from my Duty Master. Although not every check in is as energetic as it is today, I appreciate these moments the most.
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  • One Class Isn’t Enough

    Vance Joy’s “Riptide” swirls around in my head as the steady beat of the bus relaxes my nerves. I made it to the stop on time. Tuesday is always my most stressful day. 
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  • This is Not a Safe Space

    As a returning sophomore I was ecstatic about my new history class: “Cultural Studies” had been my favorite class last year and I knew “Forces that Shaped the Modern World” would not disappoint. 
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  • From September to May

    I’ve always been the type of person to think about the future – a lot. When I found out I was accepted into Lawrenceville, my farsightedness increased.
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  • One More Time

    I never understood how much resilience a human spirit could have until a child was wrapped in my arms. I spun Irene around six times and my back was begging for a break.
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