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  • Consultation: Just the Time You Needed

    Sid '20
    At Lawrenceville, there is never a shortage of questions. Whether it is about a misconception in your classes or about an event in the House, every member of the community leans on one another throughout each day – so much so that there is a period during the day scheduled for questions: Consultation.
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  • McClellan Society

    Sid '20
    At Lawrenceville, students are honored for their dedication to community service by being inducted into the McClellan Society. 
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  • Turkey Term

    by Sid ’20
    If there was ever a competition to denote the busiest time of the year at Lawrenceville, “Turkey Term” would be an extremely strong contender.
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  • Discovering New Plant Species (and Meeting Tarantulas) in Ecuador

    I pulled my leg out of the clammy mud as I took another step. The slush under me squealed as I put my other foot in, trudging along with the rest of the group through the dense rainforest. 
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  • Houses Change, Seasons Change

    Convocation, first week of classes, major assignments week, finals… and just like that the fall term of my sophomore year is over. In many ways, this has been a lot different than my first year was at Lawrenceville.
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  • The Biggest Lesson

    From my experiences at Lawrenceville, I have learned some of the biggest lessons in my life. Hellen Keller once said, “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” 
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