Meet Stephanie '19


McLean, VA


Prefect, Model UN, Food & Nutrition Club, The Contour Club, First Amendment

Favorite Class:

Forces that Shaped the Modern World

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  • At the end, Stephanie asked Priya to pin her as Mr. Ferguson was away from campus on a sabbatical.

    Pinning Into Farewell

    Stephanie ’19
    May 3-5 was Alumni Weekend for the graduation years ending with 4’s or 9’s. The Class of 2019 was also celebrated as we were inducted into Lawrenceville’s very own alumni association.
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  • It’s All (Ancient) Greek to Me

    Stephanie '19
    My favorite part about Monday (besides the part that it is Monday) is my last class. Ancient Greek class. Yep, you heard that right.
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  • Heely Scholars in front of the Princeton Art Museum while hanging around Nassau Street during the weekend

    Going Back in Time to Antebellum America

    After a quick, restful two weeks back at home, I drove back to Lawrenceville for the Heely Scholar Program.
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  • Becoming a senior

    It’s a phrase that pops up in every conversation with my friends now: “I can’t believe we’re going to be seniors next year!”
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  • Waiting, Waiting, Waitlist

    I was waitlisted for Lawrenceville. Yep, you read that right. Almost three years ago, I was sitting in my Latin A period class when I opened the Lawrenceville Admission portal.
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  • Running (Literally) Out of my Comfort Zone

    To be honest, sports have just never been my thing. I’ve done my fair share of sports (basketball, ice skating, gymnastics, dance, swimming, tennis, golf) as a child, but never stuck with anything.
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  • Travel is the Best Learning Experience

    I have always been skeptical of the old adage that travel is the best learning experience. However, after traveling to Japan for a two-week cultural immersion program, I have become a firm believer that travel is indeed the best learning experience.
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  • Day in the Life: Ready, Set, Go!

    Every day is different, but here’s a preview of a typical Wednesday for me. Warning: Wednesday’s tend to be pretty busy for me. Even though it’s a late start and a half day, it’s quite packed. Ready, set go!
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  • Opportunities

    As I was overseeing the Model United Nations club booth on one of Lawrenceville’s Revisit Days this year, a parent came up and asked me, “What do you enjoy most about Lawrenceville?”
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  • Exchanging Friendship

    Little did I know when Mr. (John) Hughes (Lawrenceville’s Director of Experiential Learning) was presenting all the offerings for the international program during School Meeting that I would be selected for the Keio School Scholarship Exchange Program
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  • It's the People

    It is three minutes before show time and my friend and I (part of the pit orchestra), dressed in black and underneath the stage, grin to each other and say, “You ready?” It was the opening night for the much anticipated School musical, “Cinderella.”
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  • Nothing Changed

    After being squished in the van piled with all my dorm room stuff during the four hour ride home, I enter my house and notice a distinct smell. I wonder if my home, the place where I grew up, the place that houses all my childhood memories, is still mine if its smell is foreign. 
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