Sydney '21


Cincinnati, OH


JV Field Hockey, JV Ice Hockey, Lawrentians, Olla Podrida

Favorite Class:


Favorite Lawrenceville Tradition:

Dance Wars

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  • MoRockin’ with the MoRockstars

    Sydney '21
    When I applied to go on a Harkness Travel Program in the fall term of my sophomore year, I didn’t really know what I was getting into.
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  • Brian '21 performing during Midday Music

    Private Music Lessons at LVille

    Sydney '21
    A lot of kids think that coming to Lawrenceville means giving up certain activities due to the busy schedule. One thing I didn’t even think of when applying was the multitude of resources the School offers to everyone. Before coming to Lawrenceville, I took voice lessons once a week. I thought this would cease after making the move, but little did I know about Lawrenceville’s massive private lesson program! I talked with my voice teacher, Sherrill Ducharme, about the program, her credentials, and more.
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  • The Ups and Downs of Being New

    Sydney '21
    In September of 2017, I made a decision that was going to change my life: I would apply to boarding school!
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