Yee Xin '21


Penang, Malaysia


Advanced Dance, RAW, Lawrenceville Singers, Rohingya Outreach, HAS

Favorite Class:

Forces That Shaped The Modern World

Favorite Lawrenceville Tradition:


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  • Winterfest: What Goes on Behind the Scenes?

    Yee Xin ‘22
    One of the things that stood out to me when I was applying to Lawrenceville was Winterfest, mainly because I was interested in the world of theater and had never gotten the chance to be a part of any student-led productions. I wasn’t entirely sure of how the arts festival worked until I was recently cast in a Winterfest play.
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  • The Inaugural Lawrenceville Dance Collective

    Yee Xin Cher '22
    Whether I am watching hip hop videos online or stretching in ballet class, dance has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Coming to Lawrenceville, I knew I wanted to continue developing my technique, as well as explore different styles of dance.
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  • Moving from the Bowl to the Crescent

    Yee Xin '22
    During the last few weeks of freshmen year, I found myself in a lot of conversations wondering what life in the Crescent would be like. I was going to miss the little “freshmen bubble” that I had felt so secure in for the past year.
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